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Garra Rufa Fish Therapy

The Garra Rufa fish has no teeth and feeds by sucking. Garra Rufa fish are native to the hot springs of Kangal in Turkey. Garra Rufa fish have been discovered many years ago, now people travel from around the world to Turkey to find a solution for there skin. The Garra Rufa fish is about 10-14 cm in size and lives preferably in water temperature of 27 degrees. The fish live up to 5 years old.

These fish help by

  • Skin diseases of all kinds
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Schwechat lungs

The client will first clean there feet and then sit on a bench over the aquarium and let there feet dangle inside the aquarium The garra rufa fish will then start sucking away the dead skin off of the feet.the client will experience a tickle feeling.

The goal of treatment is not only a special experience for you , but also an extraordinary and exceptional treatment of your skin.This treatment will leave your feet silky smooth.